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We The Human

A Quiet Blue Wall

A not for profit project by The Head Of A Pin C.I.C.

A social engagement art project supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England along with, CNC Projects, Cass Art, Creative Health Camden, Silvertown Studios, Tees Valley Arts, The Head Of A Pin C.I.C, Redcar Palace & The Socially Engaged Art Salon CIC.

Donate your creativity to the purpose of suicide prevention

To join the project:

You'll Need:

- Two Tubes of oil paint, White and Prussian Blue, the best you can afford

- A canvas board/Panel 30cm x 30cm

- The cost of postage

What is We The Human?

We The Human: A Quiet Blue Wall is a collaborative art project aiming to lower the number of suicides through the use of the Cultural and Creative sectors. It is a project designed and developed by an artist from the community of the neurodiverse at risk of suicidal ideation and attempted suicide, for the community wishing to prevent suicide, their own or others.

Someone somewhere or maybe even yourself needs a quiet acknowledgement that struggles with emotional and mental health too many times comes from the complexities of how society is structured.

This is an ongoing project aiming to run until 2030.

There's no submission fee or benchmark of artistic experience you need to climb over to have your self-portrait accepted, your collaboration and involvement is the precious bit.


Join the Instagram @laura.mohapi and/or the mailing list below to keep up to date with the project.


Donate Your Creativity

Being part of this project (donating a portrait) you understand that your painting becomes part of a larger artwork that will be publicly exhibited both digitaly and physically until 2030 when it will be archived.

By donating your painting you consent to it becoming part of the collective archive and the property of The Head Of A Pin C.I.C.
Together we can build a wall that turns the tide on the suicide crisis.


Post Submissions to:

The Head Of A Pin

No 37, 8-10 Richmond Terrace, Old College House
Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9SY

If you wish for your portrait to be included in the Moving Image Social Mediawork for
We The Human, photograph your painting, crop to a square, save as a .jpg
(no larger than 1mb file size) and email to


The Why


Join our mailing list

Thank you

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