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The domestic abuser would call on the telephone ranting hateful, psychological abuse, not allowing the recipient to get a word in edgeways. He would shout 'put whatever you have to say to me in an email', before cutting the call. The recipient put her response in an email, his response in email was measured and wounded. The abuser would text message declarations of love, and then he would call and do the ranting, psychological abuse again. This was the cycle that went on for a period of time, bombarding the recipient. It was only later in the child custody court when he presented the emails and his text messages that she became aware of how much she had been played, and how dangerous he was (there were no recordings of the phone calls). 

If you remove the aggressor from the scene and show only the affect of the abuse you are not only continuing to abuse, you are also using a form of gaslighting. This project is about cultural gaslighting, on a larger scale. Inequality is a policy, a governmental decision.

WARNING: Graphic images of knife crime

Appropriation, original footage, appropriation, original score.

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